AirDrops ListStarryNift x NFPrompt Super Airdrop Campaign

StarryNift x NFPrompt Super Airdrop Campaign

To celebrate the ongoing prosperity of the StarryNift Citizenship Ecosystem, we will launch the airdrop event with the great project NFPrompt!
We will offer an exclusive badge, Citizenship XP bonus, and 2500* NFPrompt $ cNFP(100*25$cNFP) for our Starrynifter & NFPrompt fans. More airdrops from StarryNift and other projects are coming soon!

For NFPrompt $cNFP: These rewards, courtesy of our project partners, will be tallied and distributed within 15 days after the campaign concludes. Stay connected with our partner communities for more details on these rewards!

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Complete StarryNift Airdrop here
  2. Complete NFPrompt Airdrop here
  3. Complete Galxe campaign here


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