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Reveel Account – Early Access

Reveel is a protocol for sharing revenue. It helps creators distribute revenue in the most gas-optimal fashion with collaborators. Every revenue path in Reveel is created as an independent entity, which requires no external maintenance to operate.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Go to website
  2. Enter email
  3. Use Invite code:
  • 03e50c0452bfc838b6f6
  • ab0662f3b1f16390bdeb
  • 5efb256a608a6aaf0f5d
  • 73f3979428f210855dd7
  • db3dec27fb61dc75b8a2

You can find more invite codes in our Тelegram chat.

Save your private key and wait for updates.

You can leave your invite codes in our Тelegram chat.


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