AirDrops ListManta Network — Potential Airdrop

Manta Network — Potential Airdrop

Manta Pacific, is the world’s first EVM-native modular L2 for ZK applications. Leveraging data availability from Celestia, a modified OP Stack, and the Manta Network Universal Circuits, Manta Pacific delivers the perfect environment for deploying EVM-native ZK-enabled dapps. The Manta Network team announced the closing of their $25 million funding round, as well as their Manta Pacific Testnet.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Go to website and click on ‘Add Chain to Metamask’
  2. Click on ‘Request Faucet Funds on Goerli”. Enter your wallet address and click on ‘Receive Funds”
  3. Click on ‘Request Faucet Funds on Manta Rollup’. Enter your wallet address and click on ‘Receive Funds”
  4. Go to website and Connect Your wallet
  5. Deposit Some assets from GOERLI to Manta Testnet L2 Rollup. Now Go for WithDraw and Bridge Back some of Assets From Manta Testnet L2 Rollup to Goerli (at least 2 times a week.)
  6. More details here


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