AirDrops ListArbitrum Odyssey 2.0 - Second week

Arbitrum Odyssey 2.0 – Second week

Explore the revival of the Arbitrum Odyssey: from its origins aimed at boosting user engagement in 2021, to its current reinvention as Odyssey 2.0, designed to deepen the integration between communities and innovative projects arising on Arbitrum. A 7-week campaign where for each mission we will receive an NFT badge.

All information about campaign you can find here.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Sale or buy NFT at the Tofu NFT Marketplace.
  2. Go to Galxe
  3. Claim all remaining task and claim NFT
  4. Go to website
  5. Deposit funds to Aboard Exchange on Arbitrum.
  6. Make perpetual trades on Aboard Exchange on Arbitrum.
  7. Go to Galxe and claim NFT


End Date: 21 October


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