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Argentina imposes restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions despite rising public interest


Argentina is currently facing economic challenges, with its Central Bank imposing restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions through payment providers despite growing public interest in digital currencies as a means of preserving wealth. The Central Bank justifies this move as a risk mitigation measure to reduce the payment system’s exposure to digital assets. As a result, even major platforms, such as Mercado Libre, can no longer accept cryptocurrency payments.

Argentina’s fintech chamber has spoken out against the ban, arguing that it significantly restricts technology, with many potential benefits for society. Argentina has the second-highest digital asset ownership rate globally, primarily driven by the spiraling inflation rate. The country’s relationship with crypto has been mixed, with the government recognizing the potential benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in stimulating the economy in 2017, but also implementing regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019.

Reports suggest that the recent crypto ban may be linked to ongoing negotiations with the IMF, which advocated stricter crypto policies. The Central Bank’s decision highlights the ongoing struggle among the Argentine government, IMF, and the crypto industry. With inflation continuing its upward trajectory and the country’s economy facing an uncertain future, it remains to be seen whether Argentina will embrace the potential of cryptocurrencies or continue to restrict its growth to stabilize its financial systems.


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