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Bitblox Games Revolutionizes Online Gambling with Web3 P2P Gaming


On the Solana-based Hxro Network, a distributed liquidity layer for derivatives trading and betting apps, a brand-new blockchain gaming studio by the name of Bitblox has begun to develop a collection of Web3 gambling games.

According to Grand View Research, the igaming, also known as online gambling, sector had a market value of over $63.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to increase by 11.7% year between 2023 and 2030.

Bitblox Games announced on May 4 that it will concentrate on creating player-to-player (P2P) games centered around skill and speed, where players wager against one another as opposed to the “house,” such as a casino or bookie, in conventional gambling.

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“Blockchain-based gaming provides additional transparency to igaming operators while giving players the ability to bet in new and engaging ways,” noted Bitblox CEO Brandt Page.

Specific games are yet to be announced, however more information is likely to come later this month as Bitblox is set to debut at CasinoBeats Summit 2023 in Malta between May 23 and May 25.


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