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Gemini Launches Non-US Derivatives Platform and Expands to Asia


Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange, launched a non-US derivatives platform called the Gemini Foundation in 29 countries and territories, excluding the US, the UK, and the EU.

The platform offers leveraged perpetual contracts for Bitcoin, with Ethereum trading soon added. Gemini plans to introduce more perpetual contracts, dated futures, and options trading in the coming months.

The platform targets both institutional and retail traders and provides a reliable and capital-efficient option for trading derivatives.

Gemini’s decision to expand outside the US is part of a growing trend among cryptocurrency companies seeking more favorable regulatory environments offshore, in response to increased regulatory actions from entities such as the SEC.

Gemini has also expanded to Asia, with plans to establish a new engineering base in India headed by the newly hired CEO of Gemini Asia Pacific, Pravjit Tiwana. The team will work on developing next-generation user experiences and feature sets for NFT and cryptocurrency marketplaces, which are available to customers from more than 70 countries.


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