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SI Tickets Launches Blockchain-Powered “Box Office” for NFT “Super Tickets”


Sports Illustrated’s ticketing subsidiary, SI Tickets, introduced the “Box Office” platform, which is a blockchain-powered solution for event management and primary ticketing. This self-service platform allows owners, organizers, and hosts to create, manage, and promote ticketed live sporting events easily.

SI Tickets has partnered with Web3 software developer ConsenSys to create a “Super Ticket, ” which uses NFT technology to offer attendees highlights, collectibles, exclusive offers, and loyalty benefits. The new platform aims to disrupt the primary ticket market, allowing attendees to use their NFTs to access expedited entry passes, drink coupons, and music downloads before the event.

Box Office charges $1.40 and 3% commission per ticket, along with 3% merchant pass-through fees for event organizers. SI Tickets guarantees a 100% refund if an event is canceled and the platform charges zero transaction fees for any purchase.


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