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THNDR Games’ Lightning Network Payments Expand Globally, With Emerging Economies at the Forefront


In April, THNDR Games, a Bitcoin game developer, distributed 13.92% of its payments to users in the United States through the Lightning Network (LN), while more than half of the payments were made to nine other countries where LN usage had largely gone unnoticed.

Kevin Rooke, a Bitcoin enthusiast, shared data indicating that only 13% of THNDR Games’ Lightning Network payments in April went to US users, suggesting that the LN’s global payment reach is expanding.

THNDR Games uses LN, a layer-2 payment system built on top of the Bitcoin network, to enable instantaneous micro-transactions in its games, allowing players worldwide to earn and spend BTC. The majority of THNDR Games’ users are from emerging economies, which have become a popular markets for Bitcoin businesses.

According to Rooke’s data, six of the top ten countries in THNDR Games’ April payment distribution came from the global south, indicating that LN is gaining traction in developing economies with unstable currency markets and slow social growth.


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