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Elon Musk introduces Twitter monetization avenues for content creators


Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that content creators on the social media network can now earn money from their work, adding to the increasing list of innovative initiatives to boost Twitter’s revenue and advance citizen journalism.

Mass layoffs and the introduction of Twitter Blue subscriptions are just two of the extreme steps that Twitter has taken since Musk took control of the company. While many people who had already been verified objected to the request for a monthly fee to obtain a “Blue checkmark” on Twitter, Musk saw it as a vital source of income for the organization.

The most recent user-centric redesign, which enables users to monetise all types of postings on Twitter globally, aims to increase follower engagement and develop new sources of income for the social media site.

The ‘Subscriptions’ feature allows Twitter users to charge followers a monthly price “from one of the price points made available by Twitter.” Once, paid, the subscribers get access to the creator’s exclusive content, unviewable in public.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be used in Musk’s continuing efforts to restructure Twitter to find and prevent false information on the social media network.


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