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ChatGPT ban lifted in Italy after obliging transparency demands


After addressing the privacy concerns raised by Garante, the data protection agency of Italy, the popular interactive AI chatbot ChatGPT, banned the provision of services in Italy.

The watchdog suspected that the ChatGPT violated the GDPR, resulting in a temporary ban on March 31. However, after 29 days, the ban was revoked and ChatGPT was again made available in Italy.

To comply with the Italian regulator’s transparency demands, ChatGPT had to reveal its data-processing practices and implement age-gating measures, among other legal requirements. The ban was imposed following a data breach by the ChatGPT on March 20.

The move to swiftly comply with local authorities is seen as a positive step and is widely welcomed by ChatGPT’s global users.

Meanwhile, European Union legislators are working on a new bill that aims to classify AI tools based on their perceived risk levels. If signed into law, generative AI tools, including ChatGPT and Midjourney, will be subject to the disclosure of the use of copyrighted materials in AI training.


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