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Solana Labs’ ChatGPT plugin allows AI to fetch blockchain data


Users of Solana will soon be able to interact with the network using an open-source plugin activated on ChatGPT.

According to a tweet sent out on April 25 by Solana Labs, the company responsible for developing the Solana blockchain, the plugin will enable ChatGPT to check wallet balances, send Solana-native tokens, and buy nonfungible tokens once OpenAI makes plugins available.

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Solana Labs is also encouraging developers to test using the open-source code to retrieve on-chain data that they may be interested in.

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ChatGPT can retrieve a list of NFTs owned by a particular Solana address, which shares an attached metadata link to the NFT — presumably sourced from Solana Labs’ block explorer. When OpenAI makes the plugin feature available to everyone, Solana Labs wasn’t clear if the plugin would be made available.


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