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Arbitrum Airdrops Almost 113 Million ARB Tokens to 130+ DAOs in Ecosystem


Arbitrum distributes ARB tokens to over 130 decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that participate in its ecosystem and build dApps to increase activity and adoption. DAOs were selected based on their participation in the arbitrum ecosystem. They received almost 113 million ARB, with the most active builders receiving up to $8 million worth of tokens. The distribution of the airdrop to DAOs will be completed today, following test transactions from the arbitrum.

TreasureDAO and GMX will receive the most ARB tokens, 8 million each, while SushiSwap and UniSwap will receive over 4 million ARB each. Other recipients include Aave, 1 inch, TridentDAO, and Stargate Finance. TridentDAO has already sold 131,345 ARB tokens for a price of $1.31, making roughly $172,000 from sales.

Arbitrum clarified that the allocated tokens are not from the Arbitrum DAO treasury or the Foundation wallet and cannot be used to participate in governance votes. The distributed tokens are part of the initial airdrop distribution and are not a grant.

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source: https://coinedition.com/arbitrum-kicks-off-arb-airdrops-to-ecosystem-daos-community-excited/

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