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Apple  removed Bitcoin white paper from its most recent MacOS beta


The Bitcoin white paper has secretly shipped inside all versions of the Apple Mac operating system since 2018.

Users recently learned that every copy of macOS includes the original Bitcoin whitepaper concealed within its internal files. Although we think that the existence of the file there was only a joke among Apple engineers, Apple never discussed the explanation for this. With the most recent macOS Ventura beta, the file is no longer exist.

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The Bitcoin whitepaper that was concealed in the system files has been deleted according to 9to5Mac, after Tuesday’s developer release of macOS Ventura 13.4 beta 3. In the Image Capture software, the file might be found in a folder together with other random assets like photographs and other PDF files.

These assets were part of an internal tool called “” that let Apple engineers simulate the process of scanning and exporting documents and images with the Image Capture app without actually needing a scanner. In fact, the entire internal tool has been removed from the beta.

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