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Chinese city public servants to receive digital RMB salaries from May


The authorities governing Changshu, a Chinese city, stated that, starting May 2023, all civil servants in its jurisdiction will receive their full salaries in digital RMB or digital yuan. This decision applies to civil servants at all levels, including public service, public institution, and state-owned unit personnel.

A local hospital staff member confirmed that the workforce would receive payments in the digital yuan from the next month. Employees can also choose to receive a digital yuan settlement through self-service terminals.

To boost adoption, several Chinese city governments gave away over 180 million yuan worth of CBDC during the Lunar New Year.

Jiangsu Province, where Changshu is located, previously launched a pilot program for the digital RMB in Q1 2023 with the goal of establishing an efficient and convenient digital RMB operation and management system by 2025.

However, the Chinese government’s push for CBDC adoption has not been well received by Hong Kong residents, with only 625 signing up for the digital yuan hard wallet launch in the first four days, despite a 20% discount on purchases from 1,400 local vendors subsidized by the government for CBDC owners.


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