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How a Trust Wallet Vulnerability Led to Nearly $170,000 Losses for Users


Trust Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet, has revealed that a security vulnerability in their open-source library Wallet Core led to losses of nearly $170,000 for some users. The vulnerability was discovered through their bug bounty program and has since been patched.

The affected addresses were created between November 14 and 23, 2022, and approximately 500 vulnerable addresses with a balance of $ 88, 000 remained. Trust Wallet has offered refunds and gas fee assistance to affected users and urged them to move their remaining balance to a new wallet.

Developers who used the Wallet Core library in 2022 should implement the latest version. Trust Wallet also notified affected wallet addresses from Binance.

A separate attack targeting veterans in the crypto community drained almost $11 million in nonfungible tokens and cryptocurrencies from various addresses across 11 blockchains since December last year, which was initially attributed to an exploit in the MetaMask wallet. However, the company rejected this claim.


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