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Almost 40% of TikTok videos about crypto investments are misleading


TikTok has developed into a centre for financial advice as its user base grows, especially in the area of cryptocurrency. But according to new studies, a lot of films spread false information or scams. In a recent study, it was shown that more than one out of three TikTok influencers posted false videos on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investments.

37% of the videos reviewed were considered misleading because they suggested guaranteed returns or promoted certain investments without the necessary disclaimers.

Also, 47% of TikTok creators were discovered trying to sell services in order to make a profit. It has also been claimed that popular influencers including Kim Kardashian, Jake Paul, and Soulja Boy promoted cryptocurrency to their devoted followings without reporting money they received.

As TikTok becomes increasingly influential in shaping financial decisions, users must be wary and skeptical of the platform’s content.

As a result, users should approach the content on TikTok with caution and take the required procedures to verify the information before acting. By doing this, you can protect your finances and improve your decision-making abilities.


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