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The investigation into the theft of Bo Shen’s $42 million worth of crypto assets is still ongoing.


Bo Shen, the general partner at Fenbushi Capital, has restated that the investigation into the theft of funds from his crypto wallet in November 2022 is ongoing. He made this known in a recent tweet, where he reiterated that he did not authorize the transactions from his stolen wallet and did not sell any LQTY tokens during the theft. Instead, he has pledged long-term support for the LQTY liquidity pool. Shen also requested the assistance of the crypto community in identifying the hackers responsible for the theft and promised to offer a reward for valuable information.

In November 2022, Shen reported that $42 million worth of crypto assets, including $38 million in the USDC and other digital currencies, was stolen from his wallet. Investigations by the blockchain security company SlowMist initially revealed that the thief compromised the seed phrase on Shen’s wallet to steal funds. However, Trust Wallet, the wallet’s host, was absolved of any responsibility for the theft.

Despite the involvement of law enforcement agencies, Shen’s stolen funds have yet to be recovered, although some respondents to his recent tweet have offered support in recovering the funds, with one person sharing a screenshot of the thief sending the funds to a wallet on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange.


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