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FTX victims’ lawyers struggle to serve Shaquille O’Neal


The law firm representing victims affected by the FTX collapse has made a public plea to NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal, asking him to show “courtesy and honor” by actually acknowledging their legal complaint after several unsuccessful attempts.

In an April 14 tweet, The Moskowitz Law Firm revealed its team have been standing outside O’Neal’s TNT studios in Atlanta “all week” to serve him on behalf of FTX investors, in regard to his previous endorsement of the now-defunct crypto exchange.

However, it was noted that O’Neal’s security guards have not let them in.

It was emphasized that O’Neal is the only one of the “FTX celebrities” who has not yet been served in the class action lawsuit brought against a number of famous people for endorsing FTX, including Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Larry David.

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According to the law firm, O’Neal has been “running” away from them “for 3 months” and should demonstrate courtesy and honor by allowing their process officers to serve the legal complaint on his behalf so he can defend his “actions in this matter.”

This follows a court petition from April 7 that detailed many attempts to serve O’Neal in various locations, all of which proved failed. The document claimed:

“Mr. O’Neal is the sole remaining defendant in this matter who has still not been served. Despite Plaintiffs’ dozens of attempts in multiple states and countries, to either effect service on him or have him (or a designated agent) accept service of process.”


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