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Cryptocurrency phishing grows by 40 percent in one year : Kaspersky


In 2022, the financial threat landscape underwent substantial changes, according to a new Kaspersky research. Cybercriminals have turned their attention to other markets, such as the cryptocurrency business, while attacks utilizing conventional financial threats such banking PC and mobile malware have grown less frequent.

Cryptocurrency phishing increased dramatically over the past year and was classified as a separate category. In 2022, there will be 5,040,520 detections of crypto phishing, up from 3,596,437 in 2021, a 40 percent increase year over year. The chaos that erupted on the cryptocurrency market last year may contribute to this rise in crypto phishing. Whether the trend will continue is still up for debate; it will depend on how much confidence users have in cryptocurrencies. This information is consistent with users’ experiences with coins like bitcoin threats investigated by Kaspersky earlier this year; each seventh respondent to the study experienced cryptocurrency phishing.


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