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99.5% of crypto investors did not pay taxes in 2022


According to a recent research from the Swedish crypto tax firm Divly, only 0.53% of cryptocurrency investors worldwide will pay tax on their crypto in 2022. Nevertheless, tax experts have criticized the report’s statistics and methodology.

The estimate was calculated by Divly after examining the correlation between the number of taxpayers who declared cryptocurrencies and the amount of searches for tax-related cryptocurrency keywords across various countries. It also used the number of crypto holders in each country according to Statista’s Global Cryptocurrency Report in its calculations.

According to the report, Finland has the greatest percentage of cryptocurrency investors who paid the required taxes in 2022 at 4.09%, with Australia following in just behind at 3.65%.

At an estimated 1.62%, the United States came in at number ten. India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, however, had the lowest percentages of cryptocurrency investors who paid taxes, at 0.07%, 0.04%, and 0.03%, respectively.

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