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Outlier Ventures: Investors switch to investing in DApps developers


In 2019, more and more investors began to switch from investing in cryptocurrencies to financing developers of blockchain applications (DApps) and smart platforms. This is stated in an Outlier Ventures study published this week.

A report entitled “Investments in Blockchain-2019” notes that, since 2013, startups developing applications have been able to attract investments of $23.7 billion. Researchers have recorded the transfer of capital from bitcoin and ether to the development of various software.

If in 2017-2018, investors tried to invest part of their funds only in digital assets in order to maximize profits, then this year analysts saw the dynamics of increasing funding for such areas as artificial intelligence and automation of business processes.

The positive trend was previously recorded by IDC experts, who published a report predicting that investments in the blockchain industry will grow over the next few years.

The authors of the Outlier Ventures report emphasizing that due to the lack of comfortable regulation, many blockchain product developers are leaving the market or are facing other problems. The United States is the leader in terms of investment in this industry.

Next on the list are the United Kingdom, China and Singapore. London is now the focus of blockchain startups, and local companies have attracted more than $1 billion in investments since 2013.

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