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Missing Tooth Report: Have You Been Hiding?


Coinatory prides itself in bringing together thinkers who are sharp, hunt well and love the occasional toothbrush. Care to join the huddle?

Dental checks are torture. Especially the aftermath. Ours (yes, Coinatory team takes a break to introspect, reflect and plan ahead) was no different. We are staring at a fresh prescription – Get one good molar and you can head for the walnut shell.

At this point, it is fair for you to interrupt and ask – What is Coinatory, after all?
Well, if you can make a dash to the kitchen and grab an egg-whisker, here are three adjectives you can mix together – curious, crypto and classroom.
Actually – Caustic too, sometimes.

You see; we are a blank wall where everything from Graffiti to that proverbial writing is welcome. We are passionate about ‘making sense and difference, of and with, crypto’. How do we do that – Blackboard, Whiteboard and Spray-cans.

Yes. We do not shy away from explaining the basics of the industry in an unapologetic ‘A for Apple’ way.

We are also very keen on finding dots and then connecting them to understand the implications of emerging blockchain and crypto-technologies. We keep looking at new dimensions, contours, questions, analysis, what-ifs, warnings, scams, reports and guesswork – without any prejudice, and pepper.

That said, we are not a boring bunch of suits hunched over computers and pie-charts. We take time to look around, to play with bumblebees, to touch daffodils, to indulge in Pizza, to gaze at stars and wonder wistfully about the future of this space. We are irreverent, investigative and incisive – eager and earnest – at the right turn of the needles.

But enough about us.
Who are you?

Are you also clueless but curious about how much of an eschatology crypto-technology is for current financial, business, government and economic systems? Do you also love debating about Monero vs. Bitcoin? Do you know that a fork is more than a Pasta-attack device and a shard is not just a consequence of that beer-bottle gone adventurous?

Do you want to be part of a page that could be a compelling piece of the new narratives that are emerging as people challenge the way we think about money, regulation, work and freedom?

If most of these pieces add up to be ‘you’, then maybe, we have just gone lucky! We are rolling the curtains to a special contest starting today, right this very second, when your pupils are dilating with interest!

Use that adrenaline. We are looking for someone who can dig like an archaeologist, slice like a chef, bite like a shark, think like Socrates (or even Mr Bean) and work like a Charlie having fun in his/her Chocolate factory.

If you love to ask, to think, to write and to be comfortable with incomplete answers and long questions – you have a chance to join us. Think of any topic you want that has any remote/close/tangential/direct connection with blockchain or cryptocurrencies or mining. That luxury and legwork are yours.

But then, sit down and put together a 500-600 word article explaining or questioning or comprehending that topic with as much detail and freshness as you can.

Just follow our social media accounts (the more the better!), send your entries by August 30th to pr@coinatory.com with the subject line – Chew upon ‘Topic’ with ‘Your Name’ – and we will publish them! We will also assess these test articles to figure out if we have the mental and dental chemistry to work together.

If we feel the bolt of lightning or the flutter in our stomachs when we read your work, you could soon find a welcome-note in your inbox. If we click, we would join hands as an enviable team that does more than just observing or curating what goes on in the crypto-universe.

We need sharp authors. This is your chance if you are looking for the right jaw.
Let’s see if we are the missing pieces in each other’s hunger for better answers and better questions.
Stop scratching. Start flossing.

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