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Cryptopia: liquidators appointed, investors cannot withdraw “unaffected” funds


Two months ago, the New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia announced a “soft restart” after it was hacked and robbed in mid-January. However, the exchange apparently could not keep afloat, and now has begun the liquidation process.

The main page of the website of the exchange says:

Despite the efforts of management to reduce cost and return the business to profitability, it was decided the appointment of liquidators was, in the best interests of customers, staff and other stakeholders.

Cryptopia was well known among cryptocurrency veterans as an exchange offering the widest range of lesser-known altcoins – from Theresa May Coin to Lambo Coin.

The news of the liquidation of Cryptopia came as a surprise to many who believed that the exchange would be operational again.

Crypto projects, such as Bismuth, that worked with Cryptopia, also turned to their communities for the liquidation of the exchange:

“Dear Bismuth users. As a community, we need to decide how to be in a critical situation with Cryptopia. We respect you, and your rights to assets are above all. ”

Customers also expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that they could not withdraw their funds before the company announced liquidation.

Here are the words of the user I Am Who I Am:

“It’s simple: return the funds to their owners and do whatever you want.”

User OTC_Buyer:

“Sell the exchange to a stronger competitor. The balances are still on your exchange, and they rightfully belong to their owners. ”

Tomcat user:

“Cryptopia! You are still stealing. Start the exchange with unaffected funds and stop the theft! ”

Altcoin Reijo User:

“Do not allow customers to withdraw the remaining funds? Then you are criminals. ”

It seems that at the moment users have no possibility of withdrawing funds from the hacked exchange, and they will have to wait a long time for the situation to be resolved.

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