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The long-awaited… blockchain fridge


I’m not sure that this is exactly the thing that everyone was waiting for, nevertheless, Bosch has teamed up with Austrian energy supplier Wien Energie to create a refrigerator that records where the energy comes from. Blockchain technology was used to serve this purpose.

The company noted that when using the refrigerator, you can choose the source of energy and install it through a special application. It is noted that the refrigerator automatically sends micropayments for every kilowatt per hour of electricity consumed.

Peter Gönitzer, CEO of Wien Energie, said:

“The blockchain infrastructure should enable new business models in the energy market. For example, an e-charging station could then use a computer protocol on the blockchain and automated contracts to purchase electricity from both the solar system on the roofs of a neighborhood and from the wholesale exchange and then market it to an electric car.”

The main goal of the development is to enlighten people in the field of energy use and allow them to choose suppliers through the blockchain.

Is Bosch trying to make some extra advertising using the word “blockchain”? What’s your opinion? Please share it.

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