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Craig Wright has filed 155 patent applications in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency since August 2017


The branded “patent troll” Craig Wright has already filed 155 applications for patents in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Australian engineer and entrepreneur Craig Wright, who repeatedly presented himself as Bitcoin’s anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto, filed 155 patent applications in two years, according to The Next Web (TNW).

TNW notes that since August 2017, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published more than a hundred patent applications filed by Wright. WIPO publishes patent applications to notify the public of the presence of potential new technical solutions in a particular industry.

Wright will receive ownership of the objects of patenting only if the applications are approved by WIPO. The question of whether a patent will be granted by WIPO depends on whether the Office considers the submitted decision to be quite unique. TNW states that the term “blockchain” was used 114 times in patent documents, whereas “cryptocurrency” was only mentioned six times, and “bitcoin” was not mentioned even once. Patent applications also referred to smart contracts and digital assets.

Some, not without reason, claim that Wright is a “patent troll” who is trying to obtain patents related to the blockchain, not to use them, but to receive payment from companies that want to apply similar technologies. Marc Kaufman, a lawyer who is co-chair of the Blockchain Intellectual Property Council at the US Chamber of Commerce, told Fortune:

“His tactics and activities have all the marks of being a patent assertion entity or what’s pejoratively known as a troll. I’m not aware of his companies having any products,”

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