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Fishing on the skating rink


We know that crypto world is currently going through the winter phase and there are not much thrilling news around. Obviously, when old and experienced fishermen are sitting in the cosy armchairs at some bar in front of the fireplace, they will inevitably get tipsy and start telling the old salty tales about 3-meter tunas that they caught once and how they will catch the 5-meter fish next summer.

So did Roger Ver with his fishy version of Bitcoin, during one of the latest episode on’s YouTube channel, claiming that:

β€œAnything Bitcoin (BTC) Can Do, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Can Do Better”

Yes, we all agree with that statement because we don’t even want to argue anymore. We’ve seen proofs that bitcoin cash’s network being highly centralized, the thing that it really does much better than bitcoin, we even remember the whole “hide-and-seek” game with that.

For those of you, who are not drunk enough to agree with Roger, let’s check some stats:

BCH stats:

Transactions last 24 hours – 11,884 (495 per hour in average)
Sent in 24 h – $391,856,313 USD ( $16,327,346 USD per hour in average)
145 blocks in 24 h, 12,5 BCH per block

BTC stats:

Transactions last 24 hours – 267,015 (11,126 per hour in average)
Sent in 24 h – $4,120,370,326 USD ( $171,682,097 USD per hour in average)
126 blocks in 24 h, 12,5 BTC per block

It seems that bitcoin is actually doing things that bitcoin cash can probably do, but not doing. Strange, right?

Active winter sports

Not everyone is just sitting in the warm place by the fire and drinks this winter! Some promote active sport – ice fishing!

Somebody, please tell him that he’s on the skating rink and fishing is not what it’s meant for! But wait, let’s listen to him, maybe he has the point? He claims that ZCash and Monero are “anon coins, crime coins” and cash:

“No, you just have no idea that cash is covered by laws, that it has serial numbers, that it has RFID chips, that it requires reporting. “

Okay, leave this guy in peace and let him do his ice fishing or, who knows? He might start a swimming competition here…

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