Thursday, March 30, 2023

Warning! Fake Monero called Monero Rings


A project called Monero Rings advertises itself on the sites and

Monero Rings is positioning itself as an “improved version” of Monero, promising fast transactions, scalability, improved mining and even non-interchangeable tokens.

It all sounds great, but the fact that the options that have been promised have emerged from nowhere is suspicious. The fake project was recently revealed by the Guarda wallet company, whose specialists saw that the project code is simply a clone of the Monero code.

They also found that one web form sends phrases for recovery to their own site servers, allowing fraudsters to access private keys and steal funds.

Four days after the exposure, Monero Rings resources are still available. However, extensions for the Metamask and EtherAddressLookup browsers block the site. These extensions are associated with Ethereum and may be out of sight of Monero users. Fortunately, Monero itself reported scam on Reddit.

Undoubtedly, some users will be victims of an attack before the project is closed. Fake forks, airdrops and other derivative projects are convenient phishing options. Guarda revealed similar campaigns on Ethereum – so Monero is not unique in this regard.

Fake fork Monero coincided with the present, which is to take place at the end of this week and absolutely does not require anything from ordinary users. Although the dates vary, a HYIP, in connection with a legitimate update, can help a fake website spread its networks wider.

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