Thursday, March 30, 2023

Electroneum launched a smartphone!


Out of hundreds ICOs of the past year, Electroneum is the one that doesn’t want to go away and it seems that it will win in the end. Unlike Exodus 1 or Finney, the Electroneum M1 smartphone costs almost 10 times less!

M1 is the Google-certified Android smartphone that has a built-in cloud mining technology (ETN mining only). It also has the 4G module, 2 SIM card slots, 2 and 5-megapixel cameras. What else is required for the phone to be the tool for living?

Electroneum was aiming the mobile users from the very beginning and with their patent pending Instant Payment technology, the project will get it’s place under the sun one day. Instead of giving empty promises and coding things that are breath-taking for programmers only, Electroneum is truly going for the mass-adoption of the cryptocurrency through the things that are simple and easy to understand for everyone.

Instead of giving credibility and trust to just Electroneum, the team is giving trust to the whole industry in people’s minds. This is truly the thing that most crypto projects are missing. Great job, Richard Ells!

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