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The customers’ data of the largest crypto exchanges are sold in darkweb


In the darkweb market called Dread, ExploitDOT seller trades the verification data of clients of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. This hacker has been advertising since July 2018. He claims that he managed to steal the documents necessary for verifying the identity of clients, including identity cards and driver’s licenses, from users of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges – Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex and Binance.

The cost of the data is $ 10 per 100 documents, and the “wholesale” buyers are given a discount: if you purchase more than 25,000 documents, the price per 1000 data units is $ 1.

An expert on cybersecurity, who wished to stay anonymous, said that he had contacted the seller and received three samples from him confirming his claim to possession of authentic data of users of crypto exchanges.

A spokesman for Binance said that the exchange “has ideas about how hackers obtained this data,” and noted that there are no signs of illegal entry into the system. The exchange declined to comment any further. It is noteworthy that it is Binance that enjoys a reputation among users as one of the most reliable exchanges. Recently, it managed to thwart the plans of hackers who robbed the Cryptopia exchange, freezing stolen cryptoactives.

It is unclear whether the documents in question are related to Collection # 1, a database of 87 gigabytes in size that hackers recently released to the public. It includes almost 773 million email addresses and more than 21 million unique passwords. This data has been collected since 2008 from thousands of different sources.

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