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Co-founder of Bitcoin Cash is dead


Once upon a time Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin hardfork, was considered a “new word” in the world of cryptocurrency and a “revision” of Bitcoin itself, but 18 months after the birth, the coin replenished the ranks of cryptocurrency-losers. According to the co-founder of and, acting under the Cobra pseudonym, BCH is “worthless”.

On January 18, Cobra said in its Twitter account that Bitcoin Cash is not just dying, but already dead, and, due to the lack of vision and purpose, the value of the coin will drop to zero in a matter of years. In particular, he stated:

“Bitcoin Cash is dead. This cryptocurrency needs new leaders and a direction / goal – otherwise, in a few years it will cost $0. ”

In response to questions about the prospects of “leadership”, which can be equated to centralized control, contrary to the very meaning of Bitcoin, Cobra answered:

“Yes, but Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin is able to survive without leaders, while Bitcoin Cash needs someone to guide it. ”

Crypto Ryan Pafumi echoed Cobra:

“This cryptocurrency has always been worthless, as all the other forks had been. Now all that is needed is to put an end to its meaningless existence. ”

Some users say that their skepticism regarding BCH arose as a consequence of hard forks in November 2018, when the tenth largest cryptocurrency in the market appeared, Bitcoin SV [BSV], behind which nChain head Craig Wright and Kelvin Eyre stand.

The main supporter and apologist of Bitcoin Cash is the head of, Roger Ver, extolling the hard forks of Bitcoin to the skies. Ver also supported hardfork Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash ABC, which, however, has saddled the “bearish” wave since its inception.

Ver said earlier this week that in 2019, Bitcoin Cash will be what bitcoin was meant to be when it started. According to him, now BCH is implementing the very “peer-to-peer electronic cash system” that Bitcoin was intended to become.

Responding to Twitter to Roger Ver, referring to the whitepaper of Satoshi Nakamoto, Cobra remarked:

“Please note that whitepaper points to .ORG, and not to fake .COM, which, according to Satoshi,“ has nothing to do with Bitcoin. ” It is YOU who mislead people. ”

BCH’s opponents are annoyed by the fact that Ver seized control of, where BCH tirelessly advertises – so annoying that John Carvalho, a representative of the Bitcoin Error Log group, challenged Ver, intending to deprive the latter of the rights to the resource.

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