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Bitcoin volatility fell by 98% in terms of the year


Over the past 12 months, the volatility of the main cryptocurrency has reached its minimum level. Compared with the peak in January 2018, the coin’s fluctuation range has now decreased by 98%, according to the CoinMarketCap data.

The Bitcoin price has fallen by 74% over the past year. Experts linked the fall in volatility and price of the main coin and noted that bitcoin showed low price fluctuations even in the fall before falling in November-December.

In the same period of 2017, on the contrary, the largest digital currency showed explosive volatility, having jumped 26% only in January 2018. As a percentage of the past year, the average daily volatility of the BTC fell from 9.14% to 3.6%.

Some experts positively assess the effect of reducing the price fluctuations of the coin, since this dynamic reflects the process of transition of the cryptocurrency market into a civilized phase, because speculators are beginning to leave it.

Now Bitcoin is trading at $3,638, its market capitalization is just over $63.617 billion.

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