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Constantinople and three other Ethereum forks


In January 2019, the hardfork Constantinople approved by Vitalik Buterin will take place in the Ethereum network, which has already been supported by many major exchanges, including Binance, Houbi, and others.

Several new coins are expected to appear:

  • Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV)
  • Ethereum Nowa Fork (ETN)
  • ERC-20 Blue
    ERC-20 Blue
  • ERC-20 Blue

It is worth adding that any of the listed projects is most likely a fraud created only for the purpose of obtaining money out of nothing.

Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV)

The first hardfork, Classic Vision is to take place on January 11th. The developers of this symbiosis of Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin SV, the Bitcoin Cash hardfork, offer 3 ETCV coins for 1 ETH to all users after the fork.


Ethereum Nowa Fork (ETN)

This fork of Ethereum will take place on January 12, 2019, where users will receive 1 Ethereum Nowa (ETN) for owning one ETH coin. The roadmap of the new project says that the team is going to develop an ETN Desktop wallet by Q2 2019 and even mobile wallets (Android, iOS). Q3 and Q4 are expected to launch a decentralized exchange Ethereum Nowa and its own messenger.

However, all the mentioned above is not likely to happen as the team behind this project, if it even exists, hadn’t even checked that ETN ticker is already used by Electroneum, rank 67 coin on CoinMarketCap.

More details:

ERC-20 Blue

This is not hardfork, but another digital currency and an obvious attempt at fraud appeared on Medium, where, allegedly on behalf of the Ethereum Foundation as part of the network scalability, the developers proposed to introduce a new token called ERC-20 Blue.

According to the Unhashed portal, the fake account and the message were quickly blocked and most likely this post was aimed at redirecting users to a phishing site or service.


This hardfork will take place somewhere between January 14 and 18, 2019 at block 7,080,000. Constantinople is the 2nd stage in a series of changes called Metropolis, which improves the efficiency and performance of the network, besides being one of the steps to transition from PoW to PoS mining algorithm.

It is also planned to implement a reduction in the reward for the block from 3 to 2 ETH, plus a difficulty bomb will be pushed forward by 12 months.

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