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BitPay CEO told when mass adoption of blockchain payments will begin


According to BitPay CEO, Stephen Pair, the mass distribution of payments using decentralized technologies will begin in 3-5 years.
Speaking on CNBC, he said that Bitcoin payments will definitely become part of our life, but only some time must pass. Commenting on the situation around the fall of Bitcoin from historic highs, Stephen Pair noted that the main coin began to fall in price due to speculation from major traders.

He stressed:

I am sure that the introduction of blockchain technolog is inevitable. It is the side of the cryptosphere that determines the true value of the largest cryptocurrency.

BitPay CEO is confident that Bitcoin will grow in the future, as new players will enter the market, which will stimulate the rise in this asset.
Earlier, Pair said that blockchain payments would massively penetrate into our lives in about 10 years, but now he is confident that the market will develop at a more rapid pace.

A similar point of view was expressed by the CEO of Circle startup Jeremy Allaire, who predicted the rise in the price of the main cryptocurrency in about three years. Now Bitcoin is trading at $3,300, the market capitalization of the crypto market is just a bit over $104.3 billion.

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