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Ripple and NEM have created an association to lobby the interests of the blockchain industry in Europe


Ripple, NEM and Emurgo have established a special organization to lobby the interests of the blockchain industry in the European region. Such functions will be performed by the Blockchain for Europe association, which will protect blockchain startups.

The main task of the association will be interaction with European regulators and potential investors interested in financing cryptocurrency projects. In addition, the organization will launch various campaigns in the region to popularize the crypto sphere among European citizens.

For these purposes, various events will be held, including forums where the organizers will familiarize Europeans with the potential of cryptocurrencies and distributed registry technology. Until now, in some European countries, people are sceptical of digital currencies, preferring to use fiat money.

The leadership of the Blockchain for Europe association is also set up to contact the authorities of European states so that they adopt legislation that allows the blockchain industry to develop freely.

One of the founders of the NEM cryptocurrency project, Kristof Van de Reck, stated:

There is a lack of unbiased information especially when it comes to the open and decentralised application of the technology. By joining forces with different stakeholders that have blockchain at the core of their business, we aim to provide insights which are not tailored to the agenda of specific organisations or stakeholders.

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