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XRP consolidates the Bitcoin competitor status


Ether finally lost the status of the main competitor of the largest digital currency. Now the rival of Bitcoin is the Ripple XRP coin.

The market capitalization of XRP is now more than $14.39 billion, while this value for ETH is just over $10.88 billion. The XRP rate is now falling and is about $0.34.

XRP takes the second place of the rating for about two weeks and it can be said with confidence now that the ether has practically no chance to oust this token from second place and to become the main competitor of Bitcoin again. The domination index of XRP exceeds 11%, while the share of operations with ether on the market is not more than 9%.

November 15, against the background of the start of the largest recent fall in the cryptocurrency market, XRP suffered the smallest losses and was able to occupy the second line of the TOP-10 digital currency rating. But if ETH will show aggressive growth in the near future, the coin will be able to compete with its closest rival.

Some experts are already urging traders to resume buying cryptocurrencies. For example, according to Fred Wilson, if you now buy ETH on favourable terms, you can then sell this asset profitably as soon as the cryptocurrency market begins to add due to the arrival of large investors.

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