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Leading crypto exchanges support the Siacoin network fork


By the end of October 31, hardfork will be implemented in the Siacoin cryptocurrency network, which will allow updating its software to version 1.3.7.

The coin development team announced hardfork on Twitter last Tuesday. At the same time, the release of the new software was announced. Leading cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, Poloniex, HitBTC, LBank, Vebitcoin, Bitbns and OKEx, reported on the successful upgrade of the Sia network to the latest version.

Hardfork to take place on block 179,000, the team will announce the completion of the update on Twitter.

Each holder of Siacoin, if they are stored in a wallet, must ensure that they are updated to version 1.3.7. If the coins are on one of the above-listed exchanges, just don’t do anything, since they will be automatically replaced by the trading platform itself.

All these platforms announced their participation in the fork, in order to switch to the new network software of the project as soon as possible. The Siacoin coin is now ranked 34 and its capitalization is about $ 250 million (according to CoinMarketCap).

In June, the coin began to rise in price after Binance included it in its list of trading positions.

The Sia team decided to implement hardfork to finally get rid of the influence of ASIC miners. All profits from mining after the completion of the fork will remain in the hands of a startup.

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