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South Korea can legalize ICO


More and more influential officials of the country say that the ban on the initial offering of tokens should be lifted.

The final decision on this issue should be taken in November.

Recall that the ICO in South Korea was banned in September last year. This caused discontent on the part of the large blockchain community of the country.

According to a member of the ruling party Min Byung-doo, quoted by CoinDesk, today many legislators agree that the ICO needs to be legalized.

As the official believes, nowadays people should understand that the cryptocurrency market requires a serious attitude. Therefore, the ICO ban has become a good prevention, which is already time to cancel. Such a measure will be useful for the economy of South Korea, the speaker is sure.

However, there are still opponents of the abolition of the ban for the ICO.

Recall information that the South Korean authorities are considering the issue of legalization of the primary distribution of tokens, appeared in mid-October. This was announced by the head of the state policy coordination office, Hong Nam-ki.

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