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Charlie Lee is interested in Monero


In a recent interview, the developer of Litecoin noted that one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies for him is Monero (XMR).

Monero (XMR): an interesting project

Lee has been and remains a fairly influential character in the development of many blockchain projects. In addition to developing Litecoin (LTC), he is developing the SegWit, Lightning Network, Atomic Swaps protocol, and also periodically helps projects identify and close vulnerabilities.

He commented on the situation, saying that the most interesting project for him was Monero (XMR) – a cryptocurrency based on the principles of maximum security and anonymity:

“Another project that I was deeply interested in is Monero. I think that a bit of anonymity and mystery is just what bitcoin and Litecoin lack, although this is a very necessary characteristic.”

Litecoin community

However, Lee’s interest in Monero (XMR) can hardly be called something surprising and new. In the past, Riccardo Spagni (also known as @fluffypony), the creator of Monero, said in a joking manner that Litecoin and Monero work together. Learning about this, despite the fact that it was just a joke, Charlie Lee said that the cooperation of both projects would be very interesting.

Moreover, earlier, Lee had already conducted a number of polls in social networks, where he tried to learn the general opinion about what new features the users of the token would like to see. Responses to these surveys have shown that the community is really interested in the collaboration of Monero and Litecoin.

In August of this year, Charlie Lee conducted a regular survey, which showed that users want their transactions to become anonymous, as an option. Only 22% noted that the anonymity of the token is not needed.

Charlie Lee and Riccardo Spagni: Off the Internet

Charlie Lee is a member of the group known as Magical Crypto Friends, which also includes Riccardo Spagni, so it’s easy to guess that the relationship between the two developers is not limited by the Internet.

Both developers are in the same group, that is, they share the same views, most likely, in many aspects, they are even like-minded people.

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