Wednesday, June 7, 2023

TON to be launched this fall


The developers claim that the Telegram Open Network is 70% complete. Pavel Durov raised $1.7 billion for this project.

As noted earlier, on TON platform, transaction processing speed should be much higher than on other platforms.

It is planned that according to this indicator the platform will surpass the blockchain network on Bitcoin and Ethereum. And will compete in the speed of operations with Visa and MasterCard.

You can make purchases on the platform using your own Telegram – Gram cryptocurrency.

Recall that  Pavel Durov decided not to put up for open sale Telegram Open Network tokens, that is, ICO was not conducted. The company should have been limited to two private rounds for qualified investors. Part of the tokens should have been divided between the TON team.

According to the information of the American news agency Bloomberg, the management of Telegram planned to attract about $800 million in closed sales. Instead, TON attracted $1,7 billion in the first round and the management of the project refused to hold other rounds and stopped on that.

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