Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Bitcoin watches


The manufacturer of luxury watches Hublot creates a limited collection of watches in honour of the ten-year anniversary of bitcoin, which will be celebrated in January. The model will be sold only for bitcoins, and the amount itself will be limited – 210 units (referring to the limitation of bitcoins to 21 million). Called the Big Bang chronograph (Big Bang), the model will combine in its design both “bitcoin elements” and the cult comedy series “The Big Bang Theory” (which recently released an episode about bitcoin).

Some may criticise the company for trying to use the popularity of bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain. Probably, they really do that. And the fact is, it’s yet another step to the adoption of the cryptocurrency worldwide, so, why not?

For those who might be late to find themselves among the happy 210 owners of those watches, there’s another option. Cryptomatic Bitcoin Watches is the cheaper option. Their new collection is here, ready for the pre-order. All the digits are in binary code, what makes them slightly nerdier.

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