Monero: 0.13.0 “Beryllium Bullet” Release

Monero: 0.13.0
Monero: 0.13.0 "Beryllium Bullet" Release

October 18th is the date for Monero update. The update is planned and happens twice a year for this coin. What to expect from the leading privacy coin from the top 10 cryptocurrencies? Increasing privacy!

Pointing out the new upcoming features:

  • enabling Bulletproofs to cut transaction size, verification time, and fees by approximately 80%;
  • mandatory ringsize of 11 (as another privacy improvement)
  • new PoW (Proof-of-Work) algorithm as another step in ASIC resistance, started by the previous update – Lithium Luna

Check the official announcement of the upcoming update

Summing up, the upgrade is aiming for efficiency, scalability, privacy, security, and decentralization – all the things that we love about Monero.

Privacy is the basic human right and no coin provides it better than Monero in the cryptocurrency world.