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The long-awaited release of Bitcoin Core 0.17.0


The developers of Bitcoin Core presented an important update of the most popular Bitcoin client.

The Bitcoin Core team of 135 participants led by Vladimir van der Laan prepared a new version of the client for seven months. In the process, more than 700 requests from users for changes in the wallet were processed. The latest version of Bitcoin Core promises a number of new options, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 offers access to the “blockchain reduction” function (its weight already exceeds 180 GB) via a graphical interface, which makes it easier for new users to launch nodes.

Software Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 implements the algorithm from Mark Ehrhardt from the company BitGo, which allows you to pre-calculate the fee for fragments of the transaction and the total payment amount.

In this version of the software, users will be able to create new wallets with cryptocurrencies for various needs using a graphical interface. Utility Scantxoutset and UTXO analysis will check the availability of funds. The developers also added the ability to create “view-only” wallets that allow you to control funds using key phrases. Now, the Bitcoin Core command line or connected applications will allow you to perform partially signed Bitcoin transactions (PSBT) and block funds in multi-signature wallets.

Recall that recently Bitcoin Core developers have fixed a long-standing vulnerability CVE-2018-17144 in the client, which could be used to artificially increase the emission of coins. With its help, a double spend of 0.1 bitcoin was made on the test network, as well as the issue of 235 million coins worth $15,000 in the Pigeoncoin blockchain.

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