Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Monero Malware Response


Monero developers announced the creation of a working group aimed at combating hidden mining and malware – Malware Response Workgroup.

As part of the initiative, a website has been launched to inform users about how they can clean their devices from hidden miners and ransomware, and protect their computers from getting infected by such programs.

Easy mining and anonymity of Monero are distinctive characteristics of this coin. However, these features attract not only investors but also intruders who mine XMR with the help of special software.

Director of Malware Response Workgroup Justin Ehrenhofer believes that two factors make Monero attractive to hackers:

  1. It’s anonymous, so law enforcement bodies won’t trace what will happen with XMR after mining
  2. Monero uses PoW algorithm, so CPU and GPU mining is quite competitive among other cryptocurrencies

According to Ehrenhofer, the reason for the creation of the working group was the desire to help the victims of attacks conducted with the help of hidden miners and ransomware, as well as the increasing proliferation of malicious software related to Monero.

On the group’s website, users will be able to find out whether the XMR-related software is installed on their PCs and to take measures to clean the computer of such programs.

Sharing the details of the new initiative, Ehrenhofer stressed that the Monero team and community are strongly opposed to hidden mining and other types of unauthorized use of users’ computers.

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