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Huobi denies having financial business with the EOS BPs


The Huobi currency exchange denied earlier information about collusion with the block producers of EOS digital currency.

As cnLedger twitter account clarifies, Huobi also denies rumors about his participation in the manipulation of voting on the EOS network. At the last week on the Internet, information began to spread that the EOS block producers allegedly participated in a pre-coordinated voting.

It was alleged that the crypto exchange Huobi joined this collusion and voted for 20 EOS blocks producers, and 16 of them in response voted for this trading platform, which is also on the list of cryptocurrency blocks producers. In addition, there were reports that the exchange supported the producers of blocks since in return it received part of their profits.

In a statement, Huobi noted that no suspicious operations were done by the exchange. And if some indirect evidence of participation in the conspiracy appeared, they must be thoroughly investigated.

Recall, the EOS team attracted $4 billion of investments during ICO, but it could not successfully launch the project’s blockchain network from the first attempt.

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