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Chainalysis: record quantities of bitcoin in active wallets


More and more of bitcoin is accumulating in the hands of active individual users, not companies or long-term investors. This is evidenced by the data of the company Chainalysis.
Experts found that 4.8 million bitcoin or about 32% of the current issue of digital currency (excluding lost coins) as of August 31, 2013, were on personal wallets showing some activity. This is a significant increase compared to the end of last year when there were 3.8 million bitcoins or 26% of emissions on such wallets.

Despite these changes, most bitcoin continues to be on wallets, whose owners are passive investors, whether they are institutions or individual users. 6.3 million coins are on wallets, activity for which is not observed for more than a year, noted in Chainalysis. Moreover, one person may own several wallets, because the real number of users who are ready to use electronic currency for calculations, can be calculated only approximately.

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