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Turbo-Geth returns Ethereum on the second place


During yesterday’s trading, Ethereum lost second place in the capitalization of Ripple‘s over 42% growth and managed to return it after the release of positive news about testing a new type of “optimal” nodes. This is a project of the single coder Alexey Akhunov, who rewrote the Geth client program, to work with a simplified version of the blockchain.
The new node Turbo-Geth downloads a compressed version instead of a full copy of the blockchain, also containing the addresses of the wallets associated with the tokens and eth, information about all the nodes in the network, the launched smart contracts, the transaction, and the mined blocks. Coding allows you to reduce the blockchain size fivefold, “dropping the weight” of the chain to 253mb.

The “side effect” of any cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin algorithm, is the constant growth of blocks in a continuous chain. This leads to the fact that an increase in the “weight” of the blockchain repels those who wish to place a full node, commit any action, or send a transaction that can only be synchronized. This requires more and more productivity from the computer, because the size and constant changes in the network make this process more resource-intensive.

Reducing the weight of the chain of Ethereum with the help of Turbo-Geth to the size of hundreds of megabytes will allow deploying complete nodes on personal computers. This will positively affect the stability of the network, which depends on the width of decentralization.

On his development, Alexey Akhunov received a grant from the Ethereum Foundation, the fund “accepted” the work and now after the closed testing will allow this client for mass implementation.

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