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Ports of Great Britain will receive blockchain management


The company that manages ports in the UK, Associated British Ports (ABP) plans to use blockchain technology to boost the productivity of British shipyards.

Marine Transport International (MTI) has published information that the Association has signed a cooperation agreement with a number of developers of blockchain solutions in the field of logistics.

ABP expects proposals from developers to address the management of all ports in the UK, regardless of their size. The goal is to increase the capacity of ports, reduce the number of ships, better predict weather-related schedules and optimize customs records. While the project is in the initial stage, the country’s port system is so large that the project participants abstain from indicating clear dates and periods of its implementation.

ABP operates 21 ports in the UK and through it passes up to 25% of all shipping shipments arriving in the country. To date, each of the participants in the logistics chain uses its cargo tracking system. In most cases, when deliveries are received to the port, the data is entered manually, when migrating from one accounting system to another, incorrect data appears, caused by not the best compatibility of some programs and platforms.

ABP believes that the creation of a unified database on the blockchain will make it possible to work efficiently and safely through the rapid access to data of all participants in the logistics process.

The company’s activities include transport and cargo operations, ship agency, dredging and consulting services.

As it was noted before – the logistics business is one of the most interested in the development of blockchain technology.

Examples include the delivery of 17 tons of almonds from Australia to Germany with the support of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and its blockchain platform.

Maersk and its Insurwave blockchain platform for insurances in shipping and UPS with the development of a globally distributed system on the blockchain to send parcels around the world.

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