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Bitcoin is ahead of VISA by the volume of transactions


With the help of the decentralized bitcoin service, users transfer a larger amount of financial resources than with a centralized Visa. Such information was provided by the media.
The new statistical data coming from Bitcoincharts and Bitstamp indicate that bitcoin users made transactions worth $2.4 trillion this year. This is much more than Visa processing $1.3 trillion a year.

Now there is a bearish trend, the market is falling faster than recovering, bitcoin has gone into negative territory again and currently trades at a level of $6,294. Despite this, the amounts of money transferred through this service are constantly increasing. Monthly users perform transactions with bitcoin for more than $200 billion.

The transaction volumes in bitcoin are at a more or less stable level, even with an abundance of negative news. For example, the statement of the mathematician, investor, and journalist D. Cavani that in 2019 the bitcoin could fall below $ 1,000. He believes that the remainder of this year and the whole next year will be the worst in the history of bitcoin.

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