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MyEtherWallet (MEW) has registered more hacker attack attempts than banks from the Fortune 500 list


The popular Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW) has registered more attempts to carry out hacker attacks than banks from the Fortune 500 list, writes CCN referring to Segasec company data.

Segasec provides MEW cyber defense services. The interest of malefactors to the MEW platform is not surprising, given the volume of valuable Ethereum tokens, for the storage of which it is used. On the main page of the MEW website, users are always met with a warning about what they need to do to protect their funds better.

In addition to the standard tools designed to protect private keys, the overall security of the platform is of particular importance. According to Segasec, since the company began to cooperate with MEW, it has prevented 313 attacks, an average of 30-40 per week. The number of attacks is growing daily, the company said.

CEO and co-founder of Segasec, Elad Shulman explained that this statistic indicates that MEW is more interesting for cybercriminals than the world’s leading cryptocurrency companies. He also notes that the platform has been attacked more often than many well-known financial institutions.

Obviously, the need to attract a third-party company to ensure the cybersecurity of MEW is due to the increased attention of hackers. Earlier this issue was engaged by the founder of the service Kosala Hemachandra together with his team. Detection of phishing attacks and copy sites turned out to be a difficult task and often took the team a few days, after which there were new threats.

According to Hemachandra, cooperation with Segasec is primarily aimed at protecting platform users and ensuring the security of their Ethereum tokens.

“We want our users to feel safe and we will do everything we can to make that happen, so partnering with Segasec is another major step towards safeguarding our users from malicious actors” he said.

Security threats often take the form of malicious copies of full-fledged sites created to steal user data. Working with MEW, Segasec currently tracks 2,746 suspicious domains, waiting for any of them to be involved in an attack.

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